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And the fun begins with the new project - customized sweater

Recently I had been searching for a hoodie pattern that had a classic look to it. Since I couldn't find one, I chose to go with Lion Brand Lion Cotton knit hooded sweater in the adult version. I am not using cotton because I did not want the hassle of worrying about shrinkage. That was my first adjustment. I did some other little things after taking measurements so it was more custom, and I changed the ribbing. I cannot stress enough whether it is knit or crochet, take measurements when you…


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Grandson wearing the knit pants

These are the pants and they JUST fit him. Will have to get more on my needles now, lol.


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Moving on to the next.......

Geez, sounds like a line from the Ghosthunters show, lol. Anywho, I have finally gotten my grandsons knit pants off my needles. Here they are:


I had to add a little double chain (crochet) tie to it, to keep them more snug. It was the first time I ever knit pants for a baby. I am STILL working on fine tuning…


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Current task, green shopping bag

Shown here is the final product of my grandson's hoodie sweater. I was very pleased with the outcome. Until I get a frontal shot, here it is:

I am now setting up a pair of knit pants to go with it. It is so great to have little ones to knit and crochet for again!


Also, while the pants are on my…


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Snowy day, clicking needles..........

I really have to try and keep up with the craft blogs that I start, lol. I sign up and then get entangled in a blissful web of projects, and completely forget. Sigh. Well with that said, I am currently working on a knit hoodie sweater for my new grandson. I am sort of a newbie/intermediate knitter I guess  you could say.… Continue

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Finishing up one to start another

Just like every other fiber artist, I have many projects going at once. I have been knitting so much that when I started my most recent crochet project I had multiple issues of brain freeze and frogged so many times I lost count.

I am now at the end of that project and am lining up some patterns to conquer for a baby boy. My first grandchild!! I have spent the last few days pouring over my stash and possible additions (seriously, can you EVER have enough yarn? lol) to…

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