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Does anyone else ever use a weight other than the recommended weight for knitting projects?  I'm using a worsted weight yarn instead a DK and it seems to be working out ok. I did the math to figure out how many stitches across I needed to get the correct size.  I am knitting the size with the closest number to that number.  (I ended up knitting a XS to end up with a medium)  I'm using all lengths for the medium.  I'll follow up with the results once I seam it and have my daughter try it on.  Fingers crossed!

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I know Gauge is what we all know is important.but I have done the same.One thing I had found out was my bamboo needles gave a smaller gauge vs. metal. Worsted and DK is Soo close,and Not all patterns are right on either.I just go with what is working for me.Gauge if close with the right needle? They dont ever say Metal or Bamboo(wood) Huge difference for me. Cant wait to see how it came out for you.

I used to do this for my daughter when she was between kids and adult sizes.  Why are there no great patterns for a girls size 10 to 14?  I would choose the adult patterns and use DK weight instead of worsted and make needle/hook adjustments to create a smaller than XS.  The sweater came out PERFECTLY!  It fits her perfectly and all of the lengths worked out.  Thank goodness for knitting math!



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