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I am a relatively new knitter.  I just finished my first hat and am starting on my second.  I have a friend who is going through chemo for leukemia.  I am knitting for her now, but would like to continue this for others.  My goal is to find the softest prettiest yarns and the cutest patterns.  It is so hard to lose your hair and feel so drained.  If a hat can bring joy and comfort in any way that is my goal. 

Has anyone any advise to a novice on knitting hats?  Does anyone have any suggestions or advise specifically about chemo hats?

Thanks, Carolyn

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I found this advice on knitting chemo hats.  They say to use "baby" yarns because the weight and softness is right and AVOID wool and consider patterns that cover the entire head.


Headhuggers is a big organization for chemo hat donation and has patterns and guidelines that might also help!


I love the advice to choose colors that are cheerful.  My favorite cotton yarn is Araucania Patagonia and with yarn that has such pretty colors you could knit something fairly simple and get a really striking effect.



Type CHEMO into this box, then hit enter/return.  You'll get 19 different free patterns.  The best thing to do for chemo hats is use a lightweight yarn, cotton or acrylic only, and knit it in the round.  Sometimes the seam is what bothers the scalp!  And don't forget to check with your local hospitals or cancer treatment centers.  Some of them give away free yarn and patterns, so that knitters can use them without using up their own resources.  Also, they do that at my local hospital for preemie hat yarn, too.  Good luck, and God bless you.

Thanks so much for the great advice.  I will definitely look into the patterns at that site and check with the hospitals when I run out of what I have for supplies.  The info about the seams was espcially helpful.  I wouldn't have even thought of that.  Luckily every hat I have done so far (3) have been with circular & dp needles.  So far I have knitted a hat from head huggers pattern with a lace edge out of bamboo and silk blend and two different berets from lion brand site patterns using a very soft bohemian chenile yarn and a very soft acrylic yarn called country loom similar to homespun.  I think the berets might be more outdoor hats, but the lace edge hat would be good for inside.  I am also sewing a cute polor fleece hat with a flower and leaves on the side that has a bit of a 1920's look.  With your advice I will go back to the lightwieght yarns for the next one.  Thanks again.


I am a new crocheter and this something I would be interested in doing, as well.  Thanks for all the info.
Caron Simply Soft is a very nice yarn to use and comes in many different colors.
I'm looking to do the same thing.  I found a lovely pattern in the book Knitting for Peace.  Now I'm looking for truly soft, natural yarn (cotton?  maybe bamboo?) in DK in a non-baby color, preferable burgundy.
Try Silk Bamboo by Patons and Naturally Caron SPA by Caron.  I am not sure if they come in burgundy but I know they come in deep purple.  I found them both a JoAnn fabrics.  Another very soft yarn which is a # 4 not a #3 is Bamboo Spun by Vintage it is a multi colored yarn made of 77% bamboo and 23% polymide and it is just incrediably soft.  It was Jenn's favorite hat so far.  Jenn is the friend with Leukemia that I am knitting for.  I found another multi colored yarn that is a #3 but seems a little fluffy for the size but is very soft.  It is called Baby Bee Pitter Patter eyelash yarn Ombre.  The color I used is Too Sweet.  Most of the colors this yarn comes in are baby colors, but this one is a mix of dusty blue, med green, burgundy and pink.  Both of the mixed color yarns I found at Hobby Lobby.  If you don't have a Hobby Lobby near you go to because they apparently are exclusively made for Hobby Lobby.  Another yarn I found is also a #4 but comes in a lovely purple burgundy blend.  It is soft but not quite as soft as the others.  It is called Satin by Bernat it is 100% acrylic and the color is called Plum Mist Heather.  Happy yarn hunting.  I hope your hats come out great.  Let me know if you find any great soft yarns. Carolyn
Thanks,  I'm using Araucania Pomaire which is a gorgeous smooth cotton in a light worsted weight.  It feels like a well worn t-shirt.  Since the yarn is thicker, I switched to the pattern "Hurricane cap" which is free on Ravelry.
Knit 2 purl 2 is a great pattern & I would use soft yarns.

Like you said soft, also not tight. They like ones that make them feel good. I had a friend who actually liked pink. I made one out of Bernat baby jacquards and she loved it. Any soft and possibly washable yarn is great. They get very cold in chemo treatments. Fun fur in brown, gray and tan are fun since they look like hair and can even be combed a bit to get the hair strands to the front so they feel like they actually have hair. I heard they don't like seams in the hats, working on circular needles or double points or even knitting looms in the round are great. They also like the skull fit better than the gathered top part. There are specific patterns out, go to headhuggers and the link already mentioned.

I would think even a cotton like Hobby Lobby's I love this cotton would work. It is super soft and smooth.



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